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Autologous Hair Mesotherapy


Hair loss is a common phenomenon for both men and women. Its causes can be hormonal, pathological, hereditary, due to stress, poor diet, or other factors.

However, there are several ways to cure it. One of them is autologous hair mesotherapy.


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What does this therapy do?

Autologous hair mesotherapy is a safe and painless procedure to cure hair loss.

It is recommended for cases of androgenetic, alopecia areata, or diffuse alopecia, as it helps regenerate new hair follicles and prevents further thinning.

It does not replace hair transplantation but can be combined with it for excellent results.

Who are good candidates?

This therapy is equally effective for both genders. It is suggested for early stages of hair loss and in cases of alopecia.

For individuals with complete baldness, combining it with hair transplantation is recommended.

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    What is the process?

     Growth factors found in various blood components have regenerative ingredients

    In the therapy process, the doctor takes a small amount of the patient’s blood and then separates it through centrifugation.

    Next, it is activated by adding calcium ions, and the material is injected into the affected areas. The procedure is very fast and completely painless.

    How does it work against hair loss?

    The therapy boosts the metabolism of hair follicles by improving the tissue surrounding them.

    Blood is rich in structural components that contribute to cell renewal and the creation of new blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow to the area.

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    How many sessions are required?

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    As with any treatment, the number of sessions depends on the severity and extent of the problem. It’s crucial to maintain consistency in the sessions, with the number of sessions typically ranging from 3 to 8 (1 per month).

    The results of this method become visible from the first sessions, and the hair thickens within 6 to 12 months, with effects that can last for a long time.

    However, it’s important to clarify that on its own, this treatment cannot definitively solve the problem of hair thinning. Therefore, it is recommended to combine it with some medication or hair transplantation. To date, hair transplantation is the most effective method for hair loss.

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