Dermatologist in Athens, Greece

Dermatologist in Greece Dr. Apostolos Karalexis was first trained at the University of Thessaloniki and completed his studies in Athens in Military Medicine. He then trained at the “Andreas Syngros” Hospital in Greece in the Dermatology – Venereology Department.

After serving for two years at the Athens Naval Hospital he started his post-graduate training in Dermatologic Surgery initially in Greece at ¨Syggros¨ Hospital.

In addition, he trained in the USA at Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana especially in Dermatology and Dermatologic surgery.

As a dermatologic surgeon in Athens, he held the position of Director of the Dermatology Clinic at the Naval Hospital. Furthermore, he is actively taking part in conferences in Greece and abroad as a speaker and lecturer.

Why should you trust Dermatologist Dr. Karalexis?

He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Dermatology. All kinds of dermatological diseases such as psoriasis, lichen, eczema, warts, cutaneous lupus, acne, fungal infections, etc. are treated and cured, as well as venereal diseases such as warts, urethritis etc. while due to the specialization in hair diseases, cases such as hair loss, alopecia, etc.

Finally, he has great experience in the diagnosis and removal of tumors and skin moles.

Within a very large, modern and contemporary clinic and equipped with the latest equipment and Lasers, all kinds of therapies are undertaken at reasonable prices. Mostly we provide always the best human approach and respect to the patient’s psychology


Dermatologist in Athens
Dermatologist in Athens

What is modern dermatology?

Modern dermatology uses laser techniques and methods almost revolutionary. Let’s have a look at the evolution of dermatology. Over the past few decades, the deeper knowledge of the pathogenesis of many dermatological diseases has led to the development of new therapies such as biological agents in psoriasis, resulting in a “revolution” in their therapeutic approach and management. The evolution of technology has led to the discovery of Lasers to achieve a more youthful and desirable appearance. The contemporary dermatologist is a multidimensional scientist who should combine classical knowledge with modern technology.

Dermatologist in Athens Dr Karalexis
Dermatologist in Athens Dr Karalexis

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