Eyebrow Transplantation

  • Eyebrow Transplantation FUE: Natural Result

Eyebrow Transplantation

Although there are many products and techniques to enhance eyebrow thickening, eyebrow transplantation with FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction or Excision) is by far the best method for permanent restoration.

At Derma Hair Clinic we can guarantee an impeccable result under the supervision of Dermatologist Dr. Apostolos Karalexis.
Eyebrows are a key feature of the face, as they contribute to its symmetry. So well-formed and dense eyebrows give intensity to the eyes, enhancing our look. The trend of the season is the big and dense eyebrows.
However, many people experience thinning in this area either naturally or due to health reasons. Pencils, shadows and semi-permanent tattoos provide a temporary solution. The FUE method used for hair transplantation offers natural and permanent results in the eyebrow area.

Which cases are suitable for Eyebrow Transplantation with FUE?

Eyebrow transplantation can be performed on both sexes. It is used in cases of total restoration due to lack of hair growth in the eyebrow area or partial restoration due to eyebrow thinning. Many people resort to such surgery to cover scars from accidents, injuries or burns. Others to enhance their appearance purely for cosmetic reasons. It is also recommended in cases of alopecia areata.

What is the procedure for Eyebrow Transplantation with FUE?

Eyebrow transplantation with the FUE technique is the most effective of all the other methods, as it offers permanent and natural results. It is completely safe and painless, after being performed by an experienced dermatologist. Initially the doctor forms the area that needs thickening and gives the correct shape to the eyebrows. Then hair follicles or grafts are transferred from the donor area to the desired area.
It should be noted that eyebrow transplantation is more demanding and requires the right choice of hair to be natural. For this reason, the doctor removes the hair follicles one by one and selects the most suitable ones. The grafts are placed in the direction of the already existing hairs, so that the new hairs harmoniously follow the course of the old ones.
It requires delicate handling and precision in placement.
During the procedure the patient does not feel any pain since local anesthesia is used.

Postoperative (after the Transplant)

After the procedure, the patient still does not feel pain. The process of eyebrows transplantation with the FUE method is considered completely painless, minimally invasive and leaves no marks or scars. Very rarely, there may be swelling on the forehead in the first few days after the transplant. The patient is not at risk and can return to daily activities immediately.

The results of the Eyebrow transplants

The result of the Eyebrow transplantation is visible immediately after the session, it is completed after 3-6 months. New hairs grow gradually and there are absolutely no scars. The results are natural and permanent.

How many sessions are required?

Normally just one session is enough to completely restore the eyebrows. However, a second one can be performed in cases where more fullness is required.

What is the cost of eyebrow transplantation with FUE?

The cost of an eyebrow transplant depends on the number of grafts to be implanted. This is determined by the extent of the area and the density required to achieve the desired result. Every patient’s need is different, so the cost is adjusted each time.

The FUE technique is characterized as a minimally invasive method against hair loss. In addition to the hair and the beard area, it can be applied to the mustache, eyebrows and other areas. In any case, the opinion of an experienced dermatologist is needed to access the problem and decide whether the patient should undergo such a procedure.

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