Come to the country that gave birth to democracy. Come to your homeland. Come to Greece.
One of the safest countries in the European Union with the fewest victims of COVID19!

How are currently medical tourism services contributing in the Greek economy considering the rapidly growth of visitors asking for hair transplantation in Greece? Here is a quick report.


A warm welcome. A friendly smile. A zest for life that is unmistakably Mediterranean with a gracious reception combining the highest levels of service and elegance. Your stay at one of the recommended hotels will be a truly cherished experience.

Athens by night, the Acropolis and Mount Lycabettus. All these someone can enjoy from the roof gardens irresistible magical view.

How is currently medical tourism contributing in the Greek economy considering the rapidly growing of visitors for hair transplantation in Greece?

Our clinic is well known in many countries of the world and that’s why we have many patients who are looking for hair transplantation from countries like the USA, and especially from California, Florida, Texas, New York, Chicago, Washington, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, France, Switzerland, Italy and the UAE.

Monica and Jerry from Indiana, USA, have chosen Greece for medical tourism. After the couple’s IVF(In Vitro Fertilization) treatment, Jerry underwent a hair transplant.

“The choice of DermaHair Clinic, and dermatologic surgeon Dr Karalexis, had already been taken from the United States when a friend of mine underwent a successful hair transplant by Dr. Karalexis in San Francisco a few years ago. In this way we combined a recreational trip with medical therapy”.

Weather, Food, Sea, Sun, Greek hospitality



hair transplantation both for men and for women

hair transplantation both for men and for women


medical tourism not only for hair transplantation

Integrated medical tourism – All Inclusive Packets – including hair transplantation, hyaluronic treatments, and many more specialized beauty and regeneration offers, like Oxygen, Mesotherapy, Liposunction, etc.

A cost effective packet designed by our expertized medical crew can give you back a more confident life.


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