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Μedical tourism and hair transplantation in Greece

How is currently medical tourism contributing in the Greek economy considering the rapidly growing of visitors for hair transplantation in Greece?

Monica and Jerry from Indiana, USA, have chosen Greece for medical tourism. After the couple’s IVF(In Vitro Fertilization) treatment, Jerry underwent a hair transplant.

“The choice of Derma Hair Clinic, and skin surgeon Dr Karalexis, had already been taken from the United States when a friend of mine underwent a successful hair transplant by Dr. Karalexis in San Francisco before a few years. In this way we combined a recreational trip with medical therapy”.

At present the couple is in Santorini.

Hair transplantation in Greece by dermatologist Dr Karalexis

Hair transplantation in Greece by dermatologist Dr Karalexis. He is specialized since 2002 in both surgical and medical treatments for hair loss after his fellowship  at Tulane University, New Orleans, USA. He has a great clinical experience in Dermatology for more than 20 years and he is the Director of Dermatology at the Naval Hospital of Athens in Greece. He obtained his medical degree from Thessaloniki, school of medicine and completed his residency at University of Athens, “Andreas Syggros” Hospital in 1999. He also trained in 2001 in the field of Dermatologic Surgery at “Andreas Syggros” Hospital and soon after at Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana,USA. He is the owner of Derma Hair Clinic  in Athens and he is well respected within the medical community both for his technical skill  and surgical artistry.  He is a national and international lecturer for hair transplantation in Greece and in other countries as well.

What are the reasons to choose Derma Hair Clinic and Dr Karalexis for your next hair transplantation in Athens?

1. Dr Karalexis has a great experience in hair transplantation in Athens for about 15 years.
2. The most important thing is that he is the only Doctor who perform the procedure in our Clinic.No other doctor is allowed to touch the patient except him!
3. He  does  PRP at the same time to enforce the result.
4.  It’s a pain free procedure. We use local anesthesia so patients have a pain free experience.
5. There is a follow up for a few weeks. You can send photos every week in his mail . Also we can use Skype. The next day of the procedure the patient comes to the Clinic for a hair wash.
6. Dr Karalexis is  a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
7. Another important thing is that you will feel very comfortable in Derma Hair clinic and you are going to have the best and very natural results after a few months.
We always give the best for our patients and we create friendship and trust.