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We received following message from what clinic concerning hair transplantation and dermatology services in general  at Derma Hair Clinic in Athens and proudly present our award […]
Hair Transplantation in Athens

Considering thickening your hair through a transplantation in Greece?

Hair transplantation in Greece has become more and more popular – once deemed rare they’re now seen almost everywhere, especially on those celebs who shall remain […]

2017 Award Badge – whatclinic.com

I am delighted to say that I have been awarded 2017 Patient Service Award for great customer service! This award is based on WhatClinic’s ServiceScore. This […]

Μedical tourism and hair transplantation in Greece

How is currently medical tourism contributing in the Greek economy considering the rapidly growing of visitors for hair transplantation in Greece? Monica and Jerry from Indiana, […]

What follicular unit micrografts are

Clusters of hair follicles: Hairs on the scalp grow naturally from as one, two, three or more tight clusters hair follicles, called follicular units. Microdissection follicular […]

Power or Motorized FUE – Hair Transplantation

FUE Hair Transplantation – both methods “Power” or “motorized” FUE is a new method on Hair Transplantation used in our clinic in Greece in which we […]