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Scar Restoration after FUT

Asian woman have problem with long hair loss attach in her hand.

Hair transplantation is achieved in two ways. Initially, it started to be performed with the FUT (Strip) method and then with the more advanced Power FUE method. The big disadvantage of FUT (Strip) is the formation of a linear scar at the back of the scalp, from where the healthy follicles are harvested. This fact prompted its replacement by Power FUE, a technique that leaves almost no marks since it removes hair follicles one by one.


Natural Result

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Only one session


No scars

Ways to restore scars from the FUT method (Strip)

The restoration of the scar left by the FUT method is a challenge for the doctor since it is an extremely demanding procedure and is achieved in various ways.

Hair transplantation with the Power FUE method 

The FUE method is superior to FUT(Strip) in all aspects, since it is even used to cover the scars of the latter. In particular, hair follicles are transferred from parts of the donor area onto the scar, resulting in its coverage. Thanks to the Power FUE technique, the healing of the area is very fast and the patient can return to his daily life the next day. The FUT (Strip) scar repair procedure can be performed approximately one year after surgery and usually requires only one session. The result is 100% natural.

In case the donor area is not suitable for another transplant, Body Hair Transplantation can be done, So, we can use grafts from areas like beard or body hairs.

Plastic surgery

A second way to treat the scar after FUT(Strip) is plastic surgery. First, the scar is excised and then re-stitched with a specific technique. This results in scar thinning up to 80%. If someone wishes to eliminate it completely, they can combine plastic surgery with the Power FUE method.

Permanent medical tattoo

An alternative to make the scar less noticeable is tattooing. Specifically, the surface of the scar is filled with small round marks reminiscent of short-cut hair. This is achieved by using pigment just like tattoos are done. However, it is needed

special attention and experience because so far the results we have seen are hopelessly unnatural and bad. This is also why we do not recommend the SMTP tattoo method.

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