DNA Test - Genetic control of alopecia

DNA Test - Genetic control of alopecia

Alopecia, commonly known as hair loss is one of the most common hair loss issues affecting both men and women of all ages. Its appearance and evolution are due to many factors such as stress, lack of vitamins, external factors, and even genes. Although immediate treatment can restore hair density, at an advanced stage the condition is irreversible.

What is a DNA test?

The DNA test, or genetic testing, is a scientifically tested genetic test that analyzes 48 variants of the 13 genes associated with hair loss. It is an individualized treatment for each patient as it is based on his or hers DNA and detects the substances that are most effective for treatment against hair loss. In this way the doctor knows immediately what treatment and dosage he will suggest to the patient and the problem is treated in a timely and more targeted manner. Doing this test avoids ineffective treatments and saves time and money.

How is the control performed?

The genetic testing process is completely painless and takes only 10 minutes. The doctor collects saliva from the inside of the mouth using a special swab and sends it for analysis. With the the results the individualized treatment of the patient is determined and the targeted treatment begins.

What are the benefits of genetic testing?

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