Dr. Karalexis Apostolos

Dermatologist - Venereologist
Fellow in Dermatology - Tulane - University Louisiana USA

Dr Karalexis trained at University of Thessaloniki, School of Medicine and completed his residency at University of Athens, ‘Andreas Syggros’ Hospital. He also trained at ‘Andreas Syggros’ Hospital in 2001 in the field of Dermatologic Surgery and in 2002 he trained in Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery at Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana. He joined the faculty at the Naval Hospital of Athens, Greece and he is currently an Assistant Director of Dermatology. Dr Karalexis has strong interest in Hair Tranplantation, Dermabrasion, Liposuction and Lasers.

He joined the faculty at MEDICA-LASER CENTER in 2007.

  • Most innovative methods in Hair Transplantation.
  • Very satisfied patients by high standards.
  • Trained in the USA by the best physicians.
  • Excellent medical team and facilities.

Dr. Karalexis on TV

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