Beard Transplantation FUE

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Beard Transplantation

Both good hair and well-groomed beards are undoubtedly a very important feature of men’s appearance. Hair transplantation from one place to another is not only applied to the head but also to various parts of the body.
In particular, there are people who are thinning in other areas of the body. This may be due to hormonal, hereditary or temperamental factors, injuries or scars to the skin.
Although there are many treatments to restore thinning in general areas, the effect is often temporary.
The only solution for the final restoration of the problem is transplantation of hair follicles(grafts) with the FUE technique.

How is Beard Transplantation performed with the FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction or Excision) technique?

The process of implanting grafts with the FUE method is almost the same as the corresponding hair transplant.
Specifically, hair grafts are transported from the donor area to the affected area, ie to the points where thinning occurs.
The donor site is usually the area at the back and bottom of the scalp, where the hairs are more durable over time. Then, the hair follicles are placed one by one and the process is completed.
It should be noted that this method is extremely demanding in the area of ​​the face as the space is limited and the appropriate movements are needed to place all the hairs in the right direction giving a completely natural result.

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What are the advantages of Beard FUE Transplantation?

In this method, the doctor removes the hair follicles(grafts) one by one, without blood and without leaving scars on the skin. Thus, he has the ability to decide which hair grafts to choose and which parts of the donor area to process, avoiding any failures.
The grafts are placed in the direction of the already existing hairs, so that the new hairs harmoniously follow the path of the old ones. This gives a natural result that is difficult to perceive. The procedure is painless and local anesthesia is used.
The patient can return immediately to his daily activities and the healing of the donor and recipient area is extremely fast.

The results of Beard FUE Transplantation

Beard transplantation with FUE leaves no postoperative scars and this ensures a perfectly natural result. Graft placement one by one at the right time is a determining factor in the naturalness of the result.
If all the hair follicles are placed in the correct position and direction, their growth is observed during the period of 2-6 weeks. Then, the follicles grow gradually and in the first 6month period the first results become visible which is completed over time (12 months in total).

How many sessions are required?

Beard FUE transplantation requires only one session to cover the problem. However, there is the possibility of a later session in cases where more coverage is needed.

How Much Does a Beard transplantation Cost?

In each hair transplant, the cost is determined by the number of hair graft placed each time. Thus, in Beard FUE transplantation, the cost of the operation depends on the extent of the affected area and the density required to fully restore the problem of thinning.

The FUE technique is characterized as a minimally invasive method against hair loss. In addition to the hair and the beard area, it can be applied to the mustache or eyebrows. In any case, the opinion of an experienced dermatologist is needed to access the problem and decide whether the patient should undergo such a procedure.

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