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Laser Liposuction Abdomen & Waist

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Patients are usually bothered by the accumulation of fat in the lower abdominal region. However, the doctor should also consider the adjacent areas in order to achieve a harmonious and symmetric result. For this reason, liposuction of both the upper and lower abdomen is almost always performed simultaneously. However, the problem may be more localized in the lower abdominal region.


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Waist Liposuction

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Another area that can be corrected simultaneously with the abdomen and provide excellent results is the waist area (love handles). Liposuction on the waist is performed on the front, side, and back areas, in order to achieve a uniform and symmetric result.

How is the examination conducted?

The examination of the candidate for abdominal liposuction should be done in an upright position and with alternating positions between the front and side. The front position will reveal to the doctor the local fat deposition in the waist and hips. The side position will reveal the irregularities of the upper and lower abdominal regions.

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    Anesthesia is achieved by injecting subcutaneously a special mixture of 0.1% lidocaine. Two small holes, only 1 mm in size, are opened in the area of the hip region. These points are chosen so that no trace remains afterwards. Due to the very small size of the entry points for the anesthetic and because of their location where any potential mark can be easily concealed by swimwear or underwear. These points anesthetize the entire upper and lower abdomen.

    Then, with the help of very fine needles (cannulas) measuring 2-3 mm and with the assistance of the laser, the fat removal begins. The whole procedure is completely bloodless. It lasts from half an hour to one hour depending on the extent of the area to be treated.

    The entire procedure is performed exclusively under local anesthesia. Not with general anesthesia or sedation, and it does not hurt at all. Liposuction surgery is remarkably safe. Its significant advantage is that it allows the doctor to occasionally raise the patient to an upright position. This allows for the assessment of the achieved result and for any necessary corrections to be made immediately.

    The patient returns home immediately on the same day in perfect condition. From the next day, they can resume all their activities. The only restriction is regarding exercise. One should avoid it for a period of two to four weeks. However, walking is allowed from the second day onwards.

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    Έφη Κουτρούμπα
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