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Laser Treatment for acne

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Acne is a common problem that many people face. An effective way to treat acne without medication is with laser therapy.

The Ellipse-Nordlys Laser is a very sophisticated treatment for acne which provided at our Derma Hair Clinic under the supervision of Dermatologist Dr. Karalexis Apostolos.

When topical or systemic oral treatments are not enough for acne, the Ellipse-Nordlys Laser manages to improve the skin without side effects, quickly and painlessly.

It can be applied in cases of active acne as well as in marks and scars that it may leave behind.

Μπορεί να εφαρμοστεί σε περιπτώσεις ενεργής ακμής καθώς επίσης σε σημάδια και ουλές που μπορεί να αφήσει.


Non-Invasive Treatment


Absolute Safety


No Side Effects

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How is the Laser Applied?

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Essentially, the laser targets acne marks by shrinking the sebaceous glands in the skin, thereby regulating sebum production. It is not applied to very dark and tanned skin (up to type IV); therefore, it’s crucial to highlight that avoiding sun exposure before and after each session is necessary.

Before applying the laser, we apply a layer of gel on the face, which acts as a protective barrier. This process is a safe and non-invasive method as the patient only feels a mild warmth in the affected area, which subsides immediately, allowing them to return to their daily activities immediately.”

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Who Can Undergo this Laser Acne Treatment?

 Combatting acne with laser therapy can be applied at any age and at any stage of the disease, and is recommended in cases where:


The condition persists even after repeated use of medication.


The patient does not wish to or cannot follow a drug-based treatment.


There is a particular skin sensitivity, and topical creams are not suitable due to side effects.


Patients are undergoing homeopathic treatment.However, acne treatment with the Ellipse Laser can be combined with any topical treatment, even with homeopathy.

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    How Many Sessions Are Needed?

     The number of sessions required for Laser Treatment depends on the extent and severity of the problem.

    Each patient is unique and responds differently to treatments. An indicative number of sessions is 3-5 times, with a one-month interval between each.”

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    What Should You Be Aware of Before Applying Laser Treatment?


    The skin must be clean.


    Avoid sun exposure for at least 1-3 weeks before the session.


    Solarium is prohibited.


    Anesthetic cream should not be used before the session.


    After each session, using sunscreen is mandatory for at least 10 days.

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