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Laser Liposuction of the Legs

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Liposuction of the Legs: Indications and Specifically on Thighs and Knees

Liposuction on the legs mainly concerns women. Specifically, those with large-sized legs with fat deposits in all areas, or those with well-shaped legs but with localized fat deposits. Liposuction on the legs is performed using a special machine that performs intense suction with the assistance of laser (Laser-assisted).


Immediate Results


Improvement of Silhouette


Painless & Safe Treatment

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What are the results of liposuction on the legs?

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This procedure can dramatically change the shape and silhouette of the legs. In some cases, it can completely change the lives of patients. The results are immediate, and patients see an improved shape. They immediately notice that their clothes fit more comfortably compared to before the procedure.

This procedure is highly successful for thinner patients. For women with generalized obesity or significant thickening in the leg area, liposuction has very good results. However, since it does not cause weight loss, it should be combined with proper diet for a more desirable silhouette.

When do the first results appear after liposuction of the legs?

The results are immediate. The patient sees fat loss immediately after the end of the procedure. However, since part of the local anesthesia remains in the subcutaneous skin, we evaluate the initial results after about a month, with continuous improvement for a period of 6 months.

At Derma Hair Clinic, we can guarantee excellent results because our doctors are trained in liposuction in the United States, while the technological equipment is the most modern available in Greece.

In which areas of the legs is liposuction performed?


Outer thighs


Inner thighs and knees


Front and back thighs


Calves and ankles

How is liposuction on the legs, especially on the outer thighs, performed?

The purpose of liposuction on the thighs is to create a natural flow and harmony between the thighs, hips, buttocks, and lateral abdominal area to highlight a beautiful silhouette. It should be noted that the outer thigh area is the area that defines a woman’s overall silhouette. When this area is large or has an unnatural shape, it is much more easily noticeable. Therefore, this area is the number one area of interest for improvement for a woman.

Initially, the doctor should examine the patient and mark the points. Local anesthesia with 0.1% lidocaine is then injected into the marked area, left to take effect for 30 minutes. Then, two to three small holes, approximately 1 mm in size, are made above, below, and laterally to the area where we want to remove fat. This area requires special attention and experience at two main points.

One point is the trochanteric region, where liposuction should be done carefully to avoid indentation. For this reason, the patient is asked to keep the leg on which liposuction is performed in an inward rotation and stretched throughout the procedure.

The second point that requires special attention is the gap between the quadriceps and the hamstring muscles of the leg, where intense fat removal makes this normal gap appear more pronounced. If the doctor marks this area before starting the procedure with the patient in an upright position, there is no problem.

Is liposuction on the legs safe?

Liposuction on the legs is an extremely safe procedure because it is performed exclusively under local anesthesia. General anesthesia, epidural anesthesia, or sedation are not used. Local anesthesia has the advantage of not burdening the body. Immediately after the procedure, the patient can walk normally and return to their activities. However, the most significant benefit for the patient is that the doctor raises them in an upright position at regular intervals and immediately sees where any corrections are needed so that the final result is perfectly symmetrical.

How is liposuction on the legs, especially on the inner thighs and knees, performed?

These two areas of the leg are some of the most difficult for a woman to improve with exercise or diet. Therefore, liposuction is the only method that manages to provide extremely good results and permanent removal of localized fat. The technique of the procedure is exactly the same as with liposuction in the outer thigh area. It is preferable for the correction of the inner thighs and knees to be performed simultaneously so that there are no different shapes between these two separate anatomical areas.

Expression of Interest Form

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    για Περιποίηση Σώματος

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    Often, prospective patients for liposuction cannot describe to the doctor exactly what bothers them and what they want to correct in that specific area. For this reason, a dialogue should precede, so that the doctor and the patient can jointly determine the strategy to follow.

    The result of bloodless liposuction with local anesthesia is immediate. Upon completion of the entire procedure, the patient can perceive the immediate change in their silhouette. However, these results are not final. Because local anesthesia has been applied to the buttock area, it is normal for the area to show mild swelling. Therefore, the initial results are evaluated after about a month, while improvement continues for a period of 6 months.
    However, the final result depends on the correct judgment and experience of the doctor to accurately remove the right amount of fat with precision from the areas where the buttocks, hips, and outer thighs converge.

    Special attention should be given by the doctor to ensure that the cannula used for liposuction does not intersect with the inferior gluteal cleft, that is, the area where the buttock joins the thigh. If this happens due to the doctor’s carelessness, it may result in the dropping of the buttock on one side.
    For even better results and maximum enhancement of the patient’s silhouette, at Derma Hair clinic, Dr. Apostolos Karalexis prefers simultaneous correction of the buttocks, hips, and outer thigh areas in one session.

    The anesthesia used is exclusively local and involves the injection of 0.1% lidocaine from two points on the sides of the buttock, causing no pain at all. The entry points of the local anesthesia are symmetrically placed on both sides of the buttock and are very small in size so as not to leave any scars on the skin. General anesthesia or sedation is never used. With local anesthesia, maximum safety is achieved, and complete pain relief is provided in the area. Another significant advantage is the doctor’s ability to intermittently raise the patient from lying down to standing up to check the symmetry of the result on both sides of the buttocks.

    The purpose of buttock liposuction is to achieve correction in that specific area to harmonize with the patient’s shape and silhouette. For this reason, treatment on the buttocks is often combined with simultaneous treatment and correction of the hips and outer thigh area.

    Initially, we mark the points where the removal of local fat will take place with the patient standing upright. Then, the patient lies on their side, and the local anesthesia is injected. After a few minutes, using very thin cannulas with a diameter of 2-3 mm, such as Keel Cobra or Klein cannula, liposuction begins at the marked points. The liposuction is completely bloodless and is performed using a special suction machine imported from the USA, along with a special laser when necessary. Special attention must be paid by the doctor to avoid excessive fat removal, as this could result in flattening of the buttocks. When performed correctly, buttock liposuction never leaves “dimples” or “irregularities” in the area, and the result is amazing.

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