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Hair removal
with diode laser

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The Diode laser is the most modern method of hair removal. This laser operates at 810 nm. The Diode laser is safe and effective all year round and is particularly suitable for darker skin types.

We prefer the Diode laser when we need to remove hair from skin phototypes IV to V, which are individuals with darker skin that tans easily in the sun. This allows us to continue hair removal even in the summer and to apply it to tanned skin. When compared in studies with the Nd-YAG laser, another laser also suitable for darker skin tones, the Diode Laser consistently shows higher effectiveness in reducing hair growth. Additionally, the Diode laser appears to be less painful during application compared to the Nd-YAG.

On the other hand, the Alexandrite laser is suitable for skin phototypes I to III, meaning very light skin tones.

In our clinic, we have the GME Diode Laser, made in Germany, which provides effective and fast hair removal.

Preparation Before Hair Removal

 Before applying the laser, the area must be shaved 1-2 days beforehand. The next session is performed after the hair reappears. The duration of each session depends on the size of the area being treated.

The application is made on specific tissues (hair), leaving the surrounding area unaffected. It can be applied to both men and women, in any area of the body or face where there is unwanted hair growth.

Expression of Interest Form

    How many sessions are required?

    The number of sessions as well as the interval between them depends on the area where the laser is applied, the volume, quality, and color of the hairs, and whether the patient has any hormonal disorders. After a few sessions, unwanted hairs is noticeably reduced and become softer and finer. The required number of sessions varies from person to person. Usually, 5-8 sessions are needed, with an interval of about 1.5 months between them.

    At DermaHair, we guarantee high-quality results

    Focusing on quality and effectiveness, we invested in the best German-made Laser.

    Hair reduction from the second session onwards can reach over 50%. The longer the wavelength, the deeper the beam of radiation goes, resulting in the heating and destruction of the entire hair follicle.

    Advantages of the Diode Laser


    Precision & High Hair Removal Speed


    Fewer Sessions Required


    Painless Method


    Suitable for hair with greater volume and thicker texture (e.g., men’s hair)


    Can be applied year-round and on tanned skin

    Are there any side effects from Diode Laser hair removal?

     There are no side effects from laser hair removal. A key factor in this is the excellent training of the staff, along with the CE certification of the laser systems.

    Anesthetic cream before the session is recommended to avoid any potential pain. A possible side effect could be temporary skin redness.

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    Αδαμαντια Παναγιωτα Φλαμπουρη
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