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Laser Hair removal in Greece at Derma Hair Clinic in Athens

Laser hair removal in Greece is the most modern treatment for the gradual elimination of unwanted facial and body hair at Derma Hair Clinic in Athens. Forget anymore suffering and pain, endless depilatory creams, razor blades and candle.

The new method of permanent Laser Hair removal  is based on photothermolysis . As a result, we achieve the deactivation of the follicle  from the thermal energy  which is emitted as a pulse from the Laser. This way we are causing the distraction of the hair without affecting the neighboring skin.

The older methods of hair removal need a lot of effort and usually are painful; meanwhile, there is always the danger of causing infections such as folliculitis , spider veins, and scars on the skin.

Which areas of the skin can be treated?

  • face and neck (upper lip, cheekbones, eyebrows, chin, cheeks, cheekbones)
  • body (chest, back, abdomen, legs, hands, buttocks, armpits, bikini)

What are the advantages of the Laser?


The laser affects only the follicle of the hair and leaves untouched the rest particles of the skin and tissues.


With the modern Laser equipment that we possess Alexandrite Candela-Pro made in the USA and Diode Laser GME made in Germany the hair removal is effective and fast.

Appropriate for the whole body

In contrast to the older methods of depilation, the laser can be adjusted  depending on the hair quality and the phototype of the skin. This way we achieve the permanent hair removal of the body. Combining   the two different Lasers that we have, the most intense unwanted hair cannot resist.

Provides permanent results

With the consecutive sessions, the hair gradually is getting weaker, thinner and sparser; consequently, its life cycle is reducing dramatically.

Value for Money

The Laser hair removal with the passage of time is cost efficient because is not necessary for so many sessions as it was used to be with the older methods, which may be cheaper but in the long term, it is more expensive.

Is the result of laser hair removal in Athens at our clinic in Greece permanent?

Laser hair removal in Greece with permanently results in Athens. Yes, it is the only way to definitively eliminate unwanted hair growth. They usually take 5-8 sessions every 1.5 months. The goal of the treatment is the destruction of the hair in the regenerative(anagen) phase of its development.

At DermaHair Clinic we guarantee the very good result and your quality hair removal.

Are there any side effects from the Laser hair removal?

Laser does not cause any kind of damage to the human body. While our 2 Lasers have CE certification.

Lasers have not radioactive radiation.

During the treatment, there is a mild discomfort but  with the combination of the advanced cooling systems it does not cause any pain. At exceptionally sensitive areas there is the possibility of applying a numbing cream (Emla, Xylozan). The only possible side effect may be the mild redness of the skin right after the treatment which lasts from a few minutes to a few hours.

Which are the most efficient Lasers for the depilation?

The most efficient Hair removal Lasers worldwide are the medical lasers especially the Alexandrite Lasers and the Diode Lasers that we possess in our clinic. Emphasizing on the quality and efficiency, we invested in the best Lasers of American and German origin.

Preparation before the depilation

The depilated area must be shaved 2-4 days before the first treatment. The next session must take place as soon as the hair grows back, which is after 1-2 months and there is no need for shaving. The length of time of each session depends on the size of the area. Therefore the hair removal of the upper lip requires 1-2 minutes, while the hair removal of the legs takes 30-60 minutes.

The personnel of Derma Hair Clinic  with its long- term training and  experience in the use of  lasers can  guarantee  the esthetic result that you expect.

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