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Ingrown Nail

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“Ingrown Nail” or otherwise “Onychocryptosis” refers to the condition where the nail penetrates into the skin. It is the most common nail condition and typically appears on the toenails, particularly on the big toe.

Ingrown nails usually occur in adults and teenagers, with cases in young children being rare. If not promptly addressed, the inflammation can spread, potentially affecting the area beneath the nail or leading to permanent deformation. In high-risk groups, such as those with diabetes, it can lead to osteomyelitis. Symptoms include pain, localized swelling, redness, and discharge of pus or serous fluid.


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What Are the Causes of Ingrown Nails?

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  • Cutting nails too short
  • Improper footwear
  • Injuries to the area
  • Disorders from other nail conditions
  • Increased nail curvature

More specifically...

The most common cause of ingrown nails is cutting the nails too short and creating a rounded shape on the sides. Nails should have corners. Additionally, very tight shoes can press on the feet, causing ingrown nails. This condition is particularly common among those who prefer high heels, those wearing military boots who strain their feet for hours, and during adolescence, where body growth is rapid and doesn’t align with the fast-changing shoe sizes.

Other causes that lead to onychocryptosis include nail disorders from other conditions, like fungal infections that harden the nail and cause it to penetrate the skin. Some individuals also have increased nail curvature (hereditary) and often suffer from ingrown nails. Lastly, trauma to the area can allow the nail to enter the skin and cause inflammation.

Ingrown nails are classified into three stages based on their severity. In the first stage, the nail enters the skin, causing mild inflammation with accompanying pain, swelling, and redness. In the second stage, the pain intensifies and there’s discharge of pus or serous fluid. In the third stage, the inflammation is intense, and the pain is unbearable. In this stage, hypertrophic granulation tissue develops.

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How is Ingrown Nail Treated?

The treatment for ingrown nails varies depending on the stage and, at the Derma Hair clinic, we offer the most advanced treatments for the complete resolution of the problem.

First Stage

Conservative treatment is recommended, involving frequent cleaning of the area, regular foot baths with antiseptic soap, and the use of comfortable footwear. Antibiotics, painkillers, and anti-inflammatory medication may also be prescribed. If conservative treatment fails and the problem recurs, then surgery may be required.

Second Stage

During surgery, the inflamed portion of the nail is removed down to the root. Sometimes, the entire nail might need to be removed. This is achieved using a laser, taking just 10 minutes. The procedure is completely safe and painless as local anesthesia is used, and the patient can return immediately to their daily activities.

Typically, conservative treatment requires a significant amount of time and can inconvenience the patient. Surgical intervention provides a definitive solution to the problem. In any case, the dermatologist is responsible for assessing the severity of the inflammation and suggesting the appropriate treatment.

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