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Hair Transplant in Women

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Hair transplant is now a common phenomenon, mainly among men. However, this does not mean that women cannot undergo it. The reason more men resort to hair transplant is due to the more frequent occurrence of hair loss in them. Hair transplant is a weapon against weak hair growth. Women feel more insecure than men about hair loss and thinning of the scalp.

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What are the reasons for hair loss in women?

The reasons for hair loss in women include stress, illnesses, hormones, genetics, or medications. Other factors include androgenetic alopecia, diffuse alopecia, and cicatricial alopecia. Before deciding on hair transplantation, the responsible physician will investigate the causes of hair loss and determine if candidates are suitable for hair transplantation. The goal is to ensure that hair loss will stop.

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    Hair Transplant in Women

    Hair transplant in women involves a treatment for thickening and improving hair in problematic areas of the scalp. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Women who choose to undergo hair transplantation should pay special attention to the explanations provided by the doctor, so they are fully aware of the procedure, the postoperative course, and the results of the intervention.

    It should be noted that hair transplant in women is a particularly demanding and challenging process compared to men. Donor areas in women are also more limited.

    Hair transplant can be performed using the FUE or FUT technique. The procedure lasts for several hours.

    Which women are suitable candidates for hair transplant?

    Most women experiencing hair loss suffer from some form of alopecia, which makes them suitable candidates for hair transplantation. However, many women have diffuse alopecia and cannot undergo such a procedure because they do not have sufficient donor areas.

    Only 2-5% are candidates for the intervention. This percentage includes:

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    Women who have undergone plastic surgery and are concerned about hair loss around these incisions.

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    Women showing baldness similar to that seen in men, namely androgenetic alopecia. This includes hair recession, thinning of the crown, and a donor area unaffected by androgenetic alopecia.

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    Women experiencing thinning due to injury, burns, or scars.

    When can one return to daily activities?

    Return to daily activities can occur within a few days. In some cases, you may be able to return to work the next day. Following the doctor’s instructions during the postoperative period is crucial.

    Differences between hair transplants in women and men

    • Women who do not have androgenetic alopecia have a larger donor area, as hair at the top and crown is not susceptible to hair loss.
    • A scar that may result from hair transplantation using the FUT technique can be covered more easily and effectively in women than in men.
    • Many men can benefit from using hair from other parts of the body, which are not available to most women.
    • Contrary to men, women with hair loss tend to maintain their hairline. However, they are more concerned about hair loss from the top of the head.

    The modern Derma Hair Clinic, led by the experienced and specialized Dermatologist – Dermatologic Surgeon Dr. Apostolos Karalexis, along with his trained staff, undertakes hair transplantation with delicacy and precision. Do not hesitate to contact us at +30 210 723 2932 to be fully informed and schedule your appointment.

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