Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

Anti-hair loss treatment is a challenge for the dermatologist as it needs a detailed investigation to identify the exact causeof the hairloss.

So the first thing a doctor needs to do is look at the patient’s history, perform a trichorizogram or trichoscopy, and properly evaluate the problem to suggest the most effective treatment.

Hair loss is reversible when diagnosed early.

Hair Loss Treatment

To treat hair loss it is important to look at iron levels and thyroid function as regulating them can restore the problem. Topical treatments with 5α-reductase inhibitors such as finasteride are then suggested. Minoxidil treatment is also helpful.

Although these treatments have amazing results from the very first months, stopping them can restore hair loss. For this reason a follow-up by a doctor is required.

PRP strengthens the hair follicle and acts against hair loss. In fact it is often used in combination with other treatments to prevent further hair loss.

With the trichorizogram and the trichoscopy the doctor has a better picture of the problem and is able to define the appropriate treatment plan that each patient needs.
In addition, a DNA genetic test can show which drugs are most effective.

Finally, in cases where the dilution is permanent and the above treatments do not work, a hair transplant is performed.
In particular, with the most commonPower FUEmethod healthy hair is transferred to the affected areas and the density of the hair is significantly restored.The procedure is painless and leaves no marks. The result is permanent and very natural.

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